Wellness Center



If you have conditions such as arthritis, joint replacement, or very low fitness levels that prohibit mobility or walking, the Nu-Step is for you. The Nu-Step recumbent stepper is designed specifically  for seniors to be able to exercise safely and comfortably.



Strength training is a very important aspect of Senior fitness. Rubberized resistance is an effective and easy way to build strength.



These can be used for a variety of strength training exercises too. We have different sizes and weights for everyone’s needs.



These Treadmills are  durable with features including extended medical handrails, wide walking surface, and slow starting speed and emergency safety key.


Free Health Screens

Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 10:30am-12pm
Check your BMI, Weight, Skeletal Muscle, Visceral Fat, Blood Pressure

​Health Screens offered at other times, you would need to make an appointment.

Email Tracy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.